Setting up Two Factor Authentication

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Setting up Two Factor Authentication on your Smashcast account isn’t mandatory, but we strongly recommend it to help keep your account secure.

1. Log in to your Smashcast account.
2. After you've logged into your account you'll want to go into your Account>Security tab where you'll find the section for Two Factor Authentication
3. After clicking Enable, you'll find links to download an Authenticator app for iOS and Android. You also have the option here of scanning the QR code or entering the manual authentication code.

4. Once you have the app, you'll want to open that up on your phone. In this example we're using the Google Authenticator.
5. From here you'll have the option to either enter the key manually or scan the QR code (additional app may be required if not already installed on your device).

6. Once you've scanned/entered the code you'll be provided with a 6-digit authentication number on your device to enter.
7. After that, your Smashcast account will be saved in your Google Authenticator to use every time you log in to Smashcast. Your code refreshes every minute, so you can't just save the code and re-use it.

8. Next time you log in to Smashcast you'll have a prompt to enter your Authenticator code from your device.


What is the point of Two Factor Authentication?
Rather than just relying on a password to keep your account safe it also requires a device with a randomly generated code that only you can access - limiting access to your account to only you (unless someone also happens to steal your device AND passwords, then you may want to consider putting leashes on everything).
It's an extra barrier of security to help prevent account compromisation.

If you have any problems or questions don't hesitate to reach out to us in Support!

And if you change your mind about having Two Factor Authentication on your device or need to change devices, you can disable the option as well (associated device is required to disable Two Factor Authentication, if you have misplaced your device please contact support and we can help).

Recommended Two Factor Authentication apps
Android (
iOS (
Windows (

NOTE: If you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled and are trying to sign in to the mobile app or XSplit, or any other form that doesn't support Two-Factor, simply add the code from your authenticator app to the end of your password when signing in.

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