XSplit Setup

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This is a simple set up guide to get your Smashcast broadcast going through XSplit Broadcaster!

First things, first!
Go to https://www.xsplit.com/ to download and install XSplit Broadcaster. After the initial install you may be greeted with an opportunity to download different updates. Please take a moment and do that before continuing.
Once you have downloaded the software, updated it, it's time to log in!
You can log in if you already have an XSplit account, or you can create a new XSplit account clicking Register Now and following the prompts. After logging in you should be see a generic XSplit Broadcaster window with no customization.

Select the Output menu at the top to connect XSplit to your Smashcast channel. After that mouse over to add channel and then click on Hitbox (this will change in the future, but in the meantime Smashcast will be running off the old Hitbox outputs).

Once you have done that you’ll be greeted with the Channel Setup Wizard. Click the box that says authorize and a prompt will pop up for you to enter your Smashcast username and password. Once you have entered your username and password click continue.

After clicking continue the XSplit Channel Setup Wizard will go through a series of tests determining what they think is the best ingest server and at what resolution you should stream at based upon your required upload and computer hardware. This screen and what the recommended setting is will change based upon your Internet connection and computer, but you will get a screen that is similar to the one shown below.

Click finish and it will set up your broadcast based upon the settings it has determined are best. After you click finish, a prompt will pop. Just click yes to apply these settings.

After you click yes you will be greeted with the Smashcast/Hitbox properties screen. Your bitrate and server will vary based upon your location and Internet connection. Just click okay to close this screen.

After that all you'll need to do is set up your scenes and add your sources.

Once you are ready to start your stream go ahead and select your stream under Output and stream away!
Last Updated: Apr 03, 2017 11:10PM UTC
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